No More Frozen Fingers Here! Both girls loved loved loved the Huggy, I never realized frozen fingers were such a big issue.

The Ice Huggy is a perfect solution to those frigid hands and a great way to keep the cool in to avoid the sticky, drippy mess that almost inevitably occurs every time kids eat popsicles!

Slurp, slurp ahhh. Those are the sounds of summer ice pop eating. A few other sounds you may hear are, mom my hands are freezing, Mom I can’t hold this any more….MOM!!! Now there is an easy way to keep those little hands and faces happy. Introducing IceHuggy.

Ice Huggy offers a solution to your drips and cold fingertips. It is an ingenious product that wraps snugly around your popsicle (works on frozen yogurt tubes and sore-throat pops, too!) to keep it cold longer. It’s reusable and less wasteful than paper towels or napkins. You can enjoy your frozen treat while keeping your fingers frost free.

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I found the Ice Huggy sleeve keeps the ice pops frozen longer and their were no soggy paper towels or children complaining about cold hands. They are portable for carrying in a purse or day bag and machine washable.

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I don’t know who loves IceHuggy more, me or my son! I love that these will save us money and help save the environment by eliminating the use of paper towels. After a good week of use and a few trips through the wash the IceHuggys are still holding up strong! I will be recommending this product to everybody (because adults like freeze pops too!).

When I came across Ice Huggy on another blog I thought the concept was so simple but so awesome. It solves the issues with popsicles like these in the long plastic tube. It allows your hand to stay comfortable, keeps the popsicle cool so it doesn’t melt as quickly and keeps your hands dry..

Now I am sure some of you are wondering what is Ice Huggy. Well, simply put they are Popsicle covers that help keep the Popsicles from melting faster and help keep hands from getting too cold. They also help keep drips off hands and help save paper towels since a lot of people use them to catch drips or eliminate cold hands. Ice Huggy is machine washable so they can be used again and again all summer long or any other time a Popsicle or frozen treat is desired.

It’s been great for the baby especially, since she probably would hold the darn popsicle until one of her fingers froze off! My favorite part about the Ice Huggy though is a feature that the don’t even advertise: it really really cuts down on the popsicle mess. Because the Ice Huggy wraps all the way around the popsicle, and because it has a bottom, and because it’s machine washable, the product keeps all of the sticky popsicle juice from running down my children’s arms and it helps keep me from losing my mind!

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"Keep your treats frozen, NOT your fingers!"™

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